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New Works by Thomas Pihl

Opening Night Reception: Thursday, November 12, 6pm-8pm

November 12- December 23, 2009
Curated by Turid Meeker

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Heiberg Cummings
420 West 25th Street, Suite 1C
New York, NY 10001
Tel: 212.337.2030

Please contact Turid Meeker at
917-678-0836 or turid@tmeeker-art.com

Pihl article


The new paintings are the result of an on-going investigation into the properties and potentials of the acrylic medium. The artist has worked on the Prearticulations series since 2000, and this body of work is a continuation of that. The paintings consist of layer upon layer of semi-transparent acrylic paint that the artist pours onto the canvas with calculated control. The result is a seemingly smooth surface that on closer inspection reveals tiny imperfections and flaws that are intrinsic elements of each work. In the new paintings less of these imperfections are evident, yet the complex tension persists. The artist has said that “The drive behind my artistic activity is the immense production of aesthetics, western culture has developed in relation to capitalism and global expansion. Beauty and value are confused with perfection (as representation of truth), and we are getting more and more addicted to it. I wanted to use that confusion and misunderstanding as an aspect of my intentions….” (Interview with Peter Lodermeyer, July 2003)

Thomas Pihl has had several one-person exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows. His work is in important private and public collections, including the collection of Her Majesty Queen Sonia of Norway.

Thomas Pihl was born in 1964, in Bergen, Norway, he has lived in New York since 1994.